J Dilla's customized Moog and MPC are now being displayed at the Smithsonian’s African American Museum of History And Culture. The instruments are pictured with Jay Dee’s mother, Ma Dukes.

Ishmael Butler | Shabazz Palaces | Lese Majesty

Young Chloe Sevigny.

literally what the fuck

slip dresses in People magazine, 1994


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AUSTIN PRODUCTS Egyptian Sphinx Head Bust. White Sculpture on Black base.

"You on point Tip? All the time, Phife"Phife The 5 Footer + The Abstract
On Slipknot.


On Slipknot //Certain people (Hipsters) would make claims that they don’t like Slipknot. I’m going to make an assumption that at least 80% of these people have never heard one of their songs, and this would posit room for a funny joke, if you were to be hearing a fey acoustic song in Starbucks about being okay with unrequited love, you could look over to whomever you’re with and say “Wow this Slipknot song fucking rules.” and they might think it’s funny purely based on their preexisting notion of Slipknot’s aesthetic. Slipknot sounds how they look, as Vampire Weekend sounds how they look, and this notion to me is pretty satisfying. Slipknot sounds like cutting your wrist and using your own blood as a condiment for Pizza Rolls , and Vampire Weekend sounds like draping yourself in taffeta as the sun peeks through the window, both have their place in ones life, and we all have eyes, it’s not just about the music, and that’s just fine.